PSO Section ID Calculator
macOS / OSX
[x86 と パワーPC]

This was coded on a PowerMac G5 using Objective-C. I still play PSO on the Gamecube from time to time, and I wanted to see how programming on a PPC machine was like during the Intel transition.
Ver. 1.0 | "Red Ring Rico"

[x86 ユニックス バイナリ]

Ah...The Traffic game, where you have to get the red car to the goal. This was coded in C++ using no arrays (say what now...), but other than that, feel free to try and beat my high score (it's 8).
Ver. 1.0 | "Tow Mater"

Maze Solver
[x86 ユニックス バイナリ]

Using C language, this program solves a maze using the depth-first search algorithm. The dimensions and obstacles for the maze are read from a text file. The first three lines set the dimensions, start position, and goal.
Ver. 0.6 | "Cheese"

Dynamic Array Sorter
[x86 ユニックス バイナリ]

This program reads in integers from standard input and stores the values into a dynamic array. Redirection from a text file is also supported too. After the values are sorted, you can perform a linear search to find the integer.
Ver. 0.9 | "6502"